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How you got your first sale?


Greetings fellow Fiverr people !

I’am GrafixLab ( ), i’m a very experienced Logo Designer.

I’ve found Fiverr about 2 months ago and i joined this great community so i can increase my design experience further and increase my income. I posted my Logo Design gig:

And i tried to promote it with social media, through buyer requests and many more ways …

BUT none of them seems to actually work !!

So i was wondering if any experienced sellers could share with us how they managed to get their first sale ?

How did they promoted their gig ? And How much did it take them to get their sales going ?


I just couldn’t get a sale at first. I changed my gig titles, pictures, descriptions - nothing.

In the end I became so annoyed I offered TEN unique articles in 24 hours. Eventually my first sale came, and I got good feedback. After that I reduced my gig to 500 words for $5. Thankfully my old customers stayed, and allowed me to have a career on Fiverr.


offer to deliver in one day and try to a simple logs like this


good for you @joethorn that’s a great technique to get your first sales going


i’m currently working on new gig pictures and i’ll try to reduce turnaround duration, thank you @mrtalanga


Reply to @grafixlab: Hey, here’s something to help you in your process to Level 1.

Please share your “Step 7” in the comment section

8 Steps to Success on Fiverr


Thanks for the link @antionneking those are some crucial tips for success … especially number 7


I did something like that too. I do video audio transcribing and for a long time I did not have any sales. So I increased my video length up to 2 hours and to deliver it in 24 hours and then only I got my first gig.

Hopefully my customer did not cancel the order when i was late to deliver.

I am also hoping to start a career in fiverr. so help me achieve that

Check out my gigs:

Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


Still waiting for the first sale, hopefully will come soon… :slight_smile:

Any tips would be highly helpful.

~ a newbie to fiverr.


Reply to @grafixlab: no problem, I’m glad I could help


Thanks for creating this forum, I’ve read a lot of good tips on here for reaching out and boosting sales


I am still fairly new too so I’ve been there recently! I got my first sale by offering the shortest turnaround and several hours of work for just a $5 gig. I created a few different gigs and started submitting them to buyer requests as well.

Once I got my first sale and good rating, it seemed to increase traffic on my gigs and I increased delivery time so I could be on time without staying up all night. :slight_smile: Orders are still slow but increasing. Good luck!


Hope you get your first sale soon … here are some good tips :


good for you :slight_smile: I reduced my gig duration and i’m working on a video hopefully i get my first sale too


I’ve been on this site for almost 2 months, currently a level 1 seller and doing better than expected. Why? Because I took the time to look at my competition and offer a better service than them. That’;s all there really was to it. If you’re hungry enough to succeed then you better make the effort count. :slight_smile:


that’s great good luck … it’s the same technique @joethorn mentioned it looks like when you create a new gig you need to make an irresistible offer so you get your first sales then you can modify it and reduce the offered package


Yep there are some really great tips … hope it will help you boost your gig sales @jessicadarling


Absolutely @calumduncan this is a golden advice to live by … thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

i talked to customer an hour ago i think i might get my first sale on … hope so !


I was kind of scammed on my first sale simply because I was out of practice as communicating and setting expectations. The buyer indicated to me that they wanted something I could not provide only after the gig was ordered so we mutually canceled but only after I had completed a an hour’s worth of work. Luckily that rocky start turned into stead business. I still get computers who do not read my descriptions and order without talking but for the most part I’ve been lucky with few cancellations. Even after having been established for 6 months I still feel like I’m leaning new things about how to run a business here every time I interact with a customer.


I have been on Fiverr for nearly two months now and I am enjoying it so far. It took about a week for my first sale and after I got a few good reviews under my belt it seemed as if my gig was taking off. I also used the heck out of social media and other techniques to promote myself. I am getting a regular flow of orders everyday now and I think its because I am a super friendly and relatable person. Many of my buyers have left reviews talking about how nice I am. Try to be very friendly and down to earth, you have to come off as a real person, and not just someone who is eager for money. I have a writing gig and if anyone else needs any tips or help feel free to message me.