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How you Handle These Type of Guys?


How you Handle These Type of Guys?
Forcing me For Skype


He feel safe But still forcing me to do it …


He can’t force you to do anything like that - just say no! :slight_smile:


They Guy seem “Fiverr TOP Buyer”



It doesn’t matter if he’s the CEO of Fiverr (which he’s not :slight_smile:) - nobody can force you to work via Skype etc. - tell him no and report it to CS.




Rules applicable on Ruler


I have no idea what this means - it’s lacking capital letters and punctuation I’m afraid.


I deal with them by saying:

I can’t help you. Please do not order from me.


After re-reading it 8 times, I discovered that the buyer was forcing the seller to sk 7 pe him.


Just say no to skype and everything off Fiverr! :slight_smile: