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How You Maintain Your Night Time Schedule

Hi Dear All,

Greetings! Hope you are doing well. Today I want to know about your night time working schedule. I’m from Bangladesh. We are 12 hour fast than EST time. That means it’s day time in USA/CANADA while it’s midnight time in our country.

So I need to do work at my sleeping midnight time. Because most of the USA and Canadian buyers contact me at night time. Sometimes I go to sleep after 11 PM my local time. But after woke up, I see new buyers have contacted me. That makes me late response rate and I lose potential orders.

Can you share your working time schedule and suggest me any effective way?

Thanks & Regards.

Yes, the most effective way is to get a good night sleep and continue working and replying the following day. I never had problems with the time difference.

You have 24 hours to reply if I am not mistaking. Concentrate on the quality of your reply to the message, and dont worry if you reply right away or the following day.

Usually the good buyers who know what they want, when they find the right gig for them, they are willing to wait few hours or the following day in order to get a reply. Also, these good quality buyers respect your privacy and free time and are understanding when you are in bed and you cannot reply right away.


Hmm. Goes same with me. Mid night at my place. But mostly the order completion time is 2 to 3 days. So you can just take the orders at night and work on it in your day times. But yes it’s actually really hard to stay alert all night :sweat_smile:. Mostly I’m sleeping and wake up when my phone vibrates. Obviously I have to reply them back as soon as possible. Otherwise I’ll lose the order. It’s not only me who needs work I think there are millions of people waiting for new orders. Sooo yeah best of luck. I hope things get better for you.

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I mean, if this is your job you can work during the night and sleep during the day if you find that is more effective. I’ve done that for quite a while.


I also tried this way. But health condition goes down day by day

Most of the buyers don’t wait 1 hour. 24 hour is so late. Though I have 24 hour option for replying.

So you feel disturb while you sleep.

Same here. But then again, I guess it depends on what someone is offering. If it’s a cheap service that thousands or tens of thousands of others offer, like background removal, then the first one to reply to the buyer is likely to get the job. Why would the buyer wait if there are literally thousands of others who could do exactly the same thing?

On the other hand, if you offer something more creative and have decades of experience, buyers are likely to wait for your response, because they want to work with you, not with whoever is the first to respond.


Yet another reason to not sell such competitive things.

Being dispensable and superfluous puts your health at risk.

Well obviously I don’t get work every day. but mostly when I get any, it’s mostly midnight and I’m sleeping. But the thing is it’s my choice and my preference. So I can deal with it.

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The problem here is that there are a lot of people on Fiverr who have no skills to speak of. They are dispensable and can’t get to the point where they aren’t. And they still want to make some money at any cost. The hard truth is that at least half the people selling shouldn’t be here. It’s not for them. It’s not for everyone.