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How you passed Christmas eve this year

Wish you all Merry Christmass! Lets share how did you spent your holiday. 50m 41s


This has nothing to do with “My Fiverr Experience” so why put it in this category?

I’d love to know why so many inexperienced sellers are putting irrelevant things in this category lately.

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I think, He is New at fiverr forum…

I’m sure. But everyone has to choose a topic when they make a post and you dont need to be experienced at Fiverr to know what relevance is.

Every day lately there are a tons of irrelevant things posted in this topic.

Example #1:
I pressed every key on my keyboard once with high definition audio, recorded that with 4k camera and blue screen background and published +40 videos on my YouTube channel with duration between 2-4 seconds and then created thumbnails in the style of Instagram story for them, to add them to stock footage sites and resell.

So, basically, I worked.

@lloydsolutions suggestion to merge this with the one on the link, that one is in the better category and basically the same as this here.

Did you celebrate your Xmas working?