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How you people handle buyer ,directly asking for cancallation?

today i have to cancel few order after doing all the work that i have clearly mentioned in my gig. i wasted 6 hours on these orders .i am student so time management is very important . my question how you reply to these type of people .who direct ask for cancallation after all the work…? for reason like i misunderstood the gig or i found someone else who can provide me extra work for less price? i have to cancel order just because i am afraid they will leave negative review or low rating review without any reason .so because for them my time has no value ,my gig goes down, my cancallation ratio goes up … guilde me how to handle these situation thank you

Ok, listen. You have over 600 reviews. Stop worrying about negative reviews. Those buyers are taking advantage of you and you are simply allowing them to do it. How should you handle it?

Say NO!

If you do the work then you should deliver the order. If they threaten a bad review if you do not cancel then you report them to customer service as they are not allowed do that.
It does not matter if they found someone else, they ordered from you, you did the work now you should get paid. Simple. You might get a few negative reviews but so what? In fact, when you get a couple of negative reviews, the scamming buyers will not target you because they know you will not cancel.


Also, you can reply to their review politely, tell your side of the story. It helps people see both sides.


As a buyer, I had to cancel an order once due to the seller not being able to finish the work he started. I knew that he already put some work on the gig. So I told him that I would pay him a reasonable amount of payment for the work that he has done. If your buyer is reasonable, he should be fine with this setup. Remember that communication is very important regarding this kind of matter or for any kind of situation actually.


Review is the main issue because when you work really hard you cannot compromise on that ,but you are right i have to be more firm in my communication ,saying NO is hard but it is essential for progress :slight_smile:

hope it never reach to that point when i have to reply to there negative review :slight_smile:

yes commuication is very impotant ,i had very nice experience same like your’s ,people should give value of time spent , but from last couple of day i am getting unusual buyer ,i do all the work according to order keeping the quality as high as possible and my communication as soft as possible i offer them option of revision if need ,while delivering order but they directly reply to cancel order or asking for extra’s for same price or cancel the order .at that point i don’t know how to repond to them .its either bad review or cancellation in both case ,my profile is damaged ,as eoinfinnegan sugeested i think i have to be more firm in communication.

Wow, your artwork is just amazing. I agree with eoinfinnegan: You have hundreds of good reviews, your gigs look fantastic, and your work looks very unique and original, and so I think you should have nothing to worry about from a single bad review from the random cray cray buyer. :slight_smile:

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thank are very right

@eoinfinnegan @marki0315 @c3vonow @euclid08
many buyers after order use dispute for cancel order even our work are perfect
when we accept to cancel the order then that buyer go to the new seller and after complete order use dispute to cancel the order
what to do and how to control this kind of situation

Say no when they ask to cancel


i complete order 2 day ago and send him delivery today he send to me request for cancel and on gig it show me late on gig counter
my work is perfect
i am worried it will effect on my profile if i accept cancel or he will give bad review if i cancel
why fiverr not doing some thing this kind of buyers

please guide to me which opetion will not effect on my profile
bad review or order cancel

You really have to decide for yourself. If the buyer is unfairly asking for a refund then I suggest you ask customer support to look at it. It may be that support will see that they do the same thing to other sellers and hopefully they would take action against that fake buyer.

Cancellations have a small effect on your account unless you have a lot of them. Try to keep to over 90% Orders completed but don’t panic if it goes below that. I don’t believe it makes a huge difference anyway.
If you get a bad review it COULD be more of a problem because you only have a few reviews.

I would also say that the services you offer seem to get more cancellations and bad buyers than other services. I don’t know if this is because there are more bad sellers or if Traffic and links attract a certain type of person. Often, people who buy traffic or links have unrealistic expectations like they spend $5 on traffic and earn $50 in Adwords or buy $5 of links and expect to be top of page 1 in Google the next day. As you know, it doesn’t work like that but a lot of buyers have no idea what they are buying.

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sir, my order cancel is 0 it will be my first order which I will cancel
and this kind of buyers not using 1 account they are using different accounts to get benefit from sellers,
sir mostly buyers disappear after the order that’s why I have few reviews
and i clearly mention in my gig FAQ that off page seo will take time to index backlinks to search engines