How you reply on your first 5+ review?


The First Time you get (+5) positive review ,

How do you reply on this review?


Excellent client - thank you very much!

or something like that…


i wright some inspirational quota on the buyer feedback of my first 5 review


It entirely depends on what the buyer wrote.

Usually keep it simple is best and don’t get to passionate.

“Thanks for the order. It was great to work with you and I appreciate your feedback. I look forward to working with you again next time you need someone to do X”


Thanks for your kind review, Looking forward to work for you again in the future


“Outstanding Experience!” :laughing:


If you’re replying the review, just clicking 5 stars is usually enough, unless your buyer was extra special, in that case you can write “It was a pleasure working for you!” or “Thanks! I had a great time doing this” or whatever you want.

However, if you’re talking about messaging the buyer, I don’t recommend it unless they gave you a tip. Always say thank you when you get extra money. Tips are extra special because they aren’t mandatory.


I usually don’t reply to any reviews.


I also never reply. I write a personal message if I get tips or a particularly nice review. Are the reviews important for buyers? Anybody pay attention to them?


Depends on buyers speech!!!


May be I wrote a nice one so I got anotherfour 5 stars from him :smiley:


I think it’s good of you to acknowledge!!