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How You will avoid picking the wrong freelancer on FIVERR


There are 3 Simple Steps to Choose a seller or freelancer on FIVERR.

  1. Search what you need on FIVERR and change Sort By to Best Selling.
  2. Go to any of the top Gigs and look for Review Counts & How many jobs are in Queue.
  3. Finally, Fix your Budget Price and Place order.

If you want quality work and relatively cheap and quick delivery them you have to go FIVERR. FIVERR is a site where hundreds of quality Freelance worker are making their livings. They are dedicated and hard working. Though you have to be careful with some of them. Bestseller workers are at the top of the quality people who are working day and night for you.

So go to FIVERR and Search for what you want. Change sort to Bestselling. Browse through the gigs and find out what you need and what seller giving you the best deal.

If a seller can convince you with gig post. Then look for their previous work. Look for buyer reviews and count of reviews. Also How many jobs he/she doing right now. If the Queue count is too high, like 150 or more, maybe you should ignore the seller. Because the seller has too much in his plate.

But If the seller has 5 to 150 Queue jobs then the seller must have a team of worker and seller can deliver your order in time and they will be dedicated to your need.
Also, you can always send them a message asking about their sample word or quality or delivery time and more. Communication is a great way to save time and lose confusion.

3rd and Final
Look for the price table and what it offers and of course, if you communicate with the seller you can ask them directly for price or any better offer or an opportunity. It is always better to talk first to avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding.
When you are convinced that the seller will deliver as you want, them PLACE ORDER.

In the end, you should always check if the seller did some good works before or not. Choose a seller who has relatively few jobs on his hand. Because too busy seller will give you quality but will make delay or you have to ask for more than a few revisions.


Yes this is the best idea i think ,
But here are many qualified seller whose are almost new here, You can also hire them
Because they are most reliable and provide fast deliver service .

Such as me, I worked 3+ on other place but i am new in here. So you can definitely get good service from me .


Well, Welcome. Keep up the good work.



Asking for “better offers” might make a lot of really good sellers not want to work with that buyer. It’s often seen as asking for discounts, and a sign of a cheapskate buyer who is likely to be very difficult to work with.


In a way, I think it is good that such buyers ask for discounts/better offers. That helps us differentiate them from the buyers we would like to work with. :wink: If the difficult-to-work-with buyers were no longer asking for discounts, offers, and whatnot, we might end up working with them and not liking the experience. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For me, this is a red flag :red_circle: :cow2: .

If a buyer is not happy with my prices :moneybag: and does not feel my work will be worth the price then in my experience that buyer will be critical of everything I do and is the type of buyer who usually cancels anyway. :confounded:

As @hanshuber16 said:

I run :running_woman: fast from this type of buyer. I know sellers who quote higher for such buyers to discourage them. (Right :alien: ?)


It probably depends on what the buyer needs doing and how simple or time consuming it is. There’s not a lot of pricing options (eg. 3 prices for gig packages, excluding extras) and those packages may have to take into account lots of possible jobs. So it’s possible that a (very) simple job or many simple jobs of the same type might sometimes be okay for a seller to give a discount.


I think it is evident that the OP is talking about getting regular work at a cheaper price, not a different pricing option.

I am happy to make offers to buyers that want a different number of words proofread than I offer in my packages. However, I am not willing to give them more work for less money.:wink:


Yes, it is possible that the buyer might only be looking for someone to work on a simple task. Even in that case, I would quote a price proportionate to the amount of work the buyer needs. Discounts, on the other hand, are a whole other ballgame.

The OP doesn’t seem to be referring to the case you mentioned in your previous post.


good advice to keep in mind when making a purchase


Yes, You are kind of right. But Fiverr is a place for cheap jobs. That’s why people love it. And every profession there will be some complication. We have to work with it anyway.

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This is no longer true. Fiverr used to be a place for cheap $5 gigs. Fiverr has evolved; it has gradually transformed its image and has turned into a platform where seller can offer premium quality services/products for prices they think their work deserves. You can find pro gigs that start at $100 and can go up to… idk $10k? You can also find regular gigs that are priced between $100 and $995 (custom gigs up to $5000).

I am not saying Fiverr doesn’t have $5 gigs (in fact, there are tons of them). I am only saying that Fiverr is gradually changing its image from “get anything done for $5” to “get premium quality services/products for equitable prices.”


I totally agree with you hanshuber16

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A buyer’s need always would not match with your gigs offer. They might need something different or need little more of your time. That’s why sometimes they ask for an offer and discount to save some money.
And if you agree with them they seem to come back letter for your service.
Negotiation is better than a cancellation. That’s why we have message option.

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Well said. Thanks uk1000


That’s totally up to you.

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Thanks, Man. Will write more soon.

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Well said. At least Fiverr started as a service that was cheap for customers and still is.

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And that’s why a lot of sellers are offering services for a price that’s already lower than anywhere else.

If the complication is a buyer asking for a discount on a price that’s already heavily discounted, I choose not to work with them. And I’m not the only one making that choice.

Of course, each to their own. If someone wants to spend, say, two weeks working for $5, it’s up to them.


Not true and just because a marketplace is inexpensive, that doesn’t mean sellers have to sell themselves short here to get business. Your argument suggests sellers should allow themselves to be exploited to get work. Not necessary at all. You just have to understand business.

Also, much of the work you can do n Fiverr is fairly systematic and therefore scalable.