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How you will rate my profile

please look out my profile and rate my gigs in the comment that how effective they are…


Hello there - you’ve only got one gig I can see?

I really don’t want to be unkind, but your profile description is just full of buzzwords that sound good but don’t make much sense.

Your app gig - I’m sure the descriptions are really clear to you, but I’m guessing that anyone who wants an app made for them might not know what ‘Communicating with Firebase Console’ means.

The bit that starts ‘I am a certified and professional developer,’ etc. is really clear and easily understood - could you make the rest of your description etc. in a similar tone?

Remember, your potential buyers aren’t app developers and probably won’t have a clue what ‘Offline application which use SQLite, Shared Preference, offline application’ means, unless that’s just me being thick of course. :wink:

Don’t forget to make the most of your FAQ section - you can add lots of info there to help your buyers.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankyou so much… that is really a great information… thankyou so much… i will make my gig accordingly


I would agree with the above poster.I know absolutely nothing about apps. After looking at your gig I still no nothing about apps. I am not being deliberately cruel, but your gig needs serious work done to it. If someone is asking themselves “what does this mean” then you have failed to explain clearly. Create your gig like you were explaining it to someone with zero knowledge of apps. it will have a wider appeal. Let me give you an example, my gig is in the self help category. If I said to you “we will explore cognitive biases,cognitive dissonance and the relationship the prefrontal cortices have with each other” would you understand what I mean? Keep it simple, then your potential buyer won’t click on someone elses gig because they explained it clearly. When you have done all that, get it proofread, that goes for your profile as well.Hope it helps, it wasn’t intended to hurt.

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Hello everyone,

I am new to Fiverr only got 3 orders.

I don’t know much about Fiverr rules & need some help from our experts/users on following:

  1. Can I share my profile link or Gig link on this Forum?
  2. is there any restriction for sharing profile or gig link or not?
  3. Can one visit my profile from my this Username (here on the forum)?
  4. Can any senior member please review my profile & gigs to improve them?

Looking forward to your kind response & guidance.

Warm Regards:

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Your answers are here:

  1. No, this forum is not for promotion.
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes,
  4. Though I’m not a senior member but if you want I can review your profile.
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@ashleymarks Thanks for your reply.

You know much more than me So for me you are senior :slight_smile:

I will be happy if you plz review my profile & gigs.

How can I share my profile link with you for review?

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Thank you @abdulwajidraza.
I’m on your profile. I believe I should send you my review in person.


@ashleymarks Mind reviewing mine too, If you have a minute or two to spare. You can send the review in person.
Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:.

Sure. I’ll do that.
Can you please send me a private message?


Thanks for your precious time. I heatedly acknowledge your help.

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Hello everyone
I m new on fiver and not get any order can any one help me please

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This post is 3 years old…

If you search “how to get order” in the Forum, you’ll find many results with valuable information! Thanks!

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Can you review my gigs?

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Or check my gigs please

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-Get a real profile picture
-Get better gig thumbnails/presentation and video
-Get a better text presentation easier to read for your gig description.

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