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How young are some sellers? Are they legally binding?


Is is legal to contract with sellers who appear to be under 18? I noticed some say they are in high school. I don’t base things on their photos because anyone can post a photo.


The minimum age for opening up shop here on Fiverr is 13.


In the U.S. anyone under 18 cannot be under a binding contract.

This does not mean you can’t hire someone under 18 however, just that in a court of law
you would not be able to enforce a contract with them.


Well it all depends on the gig you are buying, some gigs are best performed by high school kids while other by College boys/girls. But legally it is not right for kinds to be selling gigs on fiverr, but someone already mentioned that the age required to open an account here is 13, that means fiverr must have a law backing them.


I have worked with 2 teens (separately) here, boys aged 15 and 16. Their communication and work ethic were brilliant. There are many other sellers who could learn a lot from them!
One of them was for a number of graphic design jobs the other was to write a teen specific article with some specific details and info.
Total so far is around $100 between the two and I feel it has been money exceptionally well spent.
It may seem odd for some people, and I understand the OP’s question, to pay teens for services but this is the modern day equivalent of the neighborhood kid who used to wheel his battered lawnmower around asking people if their garden needs attention.
Obviously you should use common sense in terms of what you give them to do, Fiverr has rules about adult content, but you should absolutely never give them work that involves anything remotely to do with adult themed content - if you have any doubts/concerns about whether something is suitable then I suggest the answer should be no, rather than yes. Don’t take a chance.
I would also suggest that you are generous with time allowances. What I mean is that teens’ lives are actually a lot more busy than you may think and they don’t have the same freedom adults have - when mom says they need to go out with the family then they have to, even if they had planned on working on your order at that time!
School, homework, chores, family activities, maybe hang out with friends/boy/girlfriend, etc. Fitting in work along with that is really impressive but as a responsible adult, you should ensure that you are not asking too much, being too tough with deadlines etc. If they need more time, give it to them within reason. If you have time, tell them when you order that you need it by “X”.

Below is a forum post that tells us what one teen is doing with his earnings here - oh to be 15 again!

Yes, in this comment I mentioned that I buy services. That does not mean you should send me a message offering yours. If you do you will be reported for spam and Starred to ensure that I remember to NEVER BUY FROM YOU, EVER.


I like (and liked) Eoin’s post, I just feel like commenting on the bit he quoted from the seller - I think fiverr should tell their underage users to not use their full real names, just my personal opinion of course.

Generally I think it´s great that young people are allowed to sell their skills here, and I´d have been glad to do that instead of, or on top of, the babysitting and papergirling I did in my teens, never had a lawnmower lol I don´t think that the legally binding or not is a real issue here.

Regarding the adult content - is it publicly visible on an under-18-seller’s profile that they are under 18?


No. Some of them mention their age in the profile description.


Well said.

I think it’s kinda salty that instead of appreciating the opportunity that this provides for kids to work from the safety of their home, people are making it look like an evil thing. How many people really ask themselves the same question while buying an iPhone? “how many underaged Chinese kids working on less than minimum wage were employed to make this iPhone?”


I know there are MANY talented young adults and children on Fiverr. Some underage sellers advertise “will do anything for money”. How mature is that? It puts both seller and buyer in a risky position. Fiverr needs to add a “must be 18 to sell” clause when signing up.


I find no problem with age I find problem in less quality


Why would it be a risky position when it’s forbidden to exchange adult-oriented materials and services?


Almost all of the wrong moves made by immature kids can be mitigated by adults acting maturely. That is how the law works. No matter who does what, the onus and penalty of the law falls on the adult, so, just like in real life, it is the adults who need to behave.

Just because a kid puts up something on Fiverr doesn’t mean the adults get a leeway with the law.

Fiverr already has stated policy on offensive content, which deals with issues based on the nature of the content and not the age of the content creator. If someone violates that content policy, they will get the penalty; Their age is redundant. So an underage kid selling something inappropriate will get banned just like an adult selling/buying something inappropriate.

Everything is working just fine. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.