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How your gig ranking depends on your message reply?

Hello guys!!

Today I want to Impress upon you the fact that Messages are a very Important part of the fiver algorithm, The way you reply to your messages dictates your conversation rate and it in turn affects your ranking and Impression, fiverr is very intelligent, it immediately knows when to bring your gig down the ranking. I observed this recently when I had my gig on first page and I was getting a lot of orders, initially my gig used to show in the middle like on the 25th page, but than i received my first order from a client, the client was Amazing and we ended up doing 3 orders and made around 300$ from this one client, this pushed my gig to the first page within the next day or two, so than things went pretty good and I was converting good sales for almost one month, but than I missed a few messages, I was too busy so I didnt replied to them with the same enthusiasm and vigor, so those client didnt ordered, I had no idea how big of a mistake was that, soon within two days the gig which was on the first line came to the second last line on page one and now it is on the second page, right now my conversation rate is below 2, at the peak I had it at 5, and things are showing red in my states- so I deduced from this experience and another previous experience that the number of people you convert into clients determines how successful you will be on fiverr- So I will suggest to all new sellers if you want to improve your gig ranking just make your first few clients your permanent buyers that way your gig will rise in the ranking- what do you think> Thank you!