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Howdy! New here and here´s my experience

Hello my name is Toni.

I’ve just joined Fiverr recently. I became aware of it because I needed a logo because of my own little one-man-show company.

Since I also like to write I have given the whole a try.
3 months and just under 80 orders later, things are not going badly. For the first time this month I am 4 digits.
Like everyone else, I also had to deal with cheaters and the cancellation rate. This has now improved.

An insanity as your own skills grow from gig to gig. I find it extremely interesting.

On 15.12. I should also get my seller level 2.

I think it’s really nice here.

Lg Toni


Hi there Toni,

Welcome and glad you’ve joined - and glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum , good luck for you :slight_smile:

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welcome God bless you

welcome toni. wish you good luck.

Welcome to fiverr forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr Forum
best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much for your wishes!

The orders are currently taking over. Today it will probably be a night shift. I do not want to complain.

I have already made a price increase. Should i make them again higher?

What do you all mean?