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How's everyone doing? I'm a fiverr newbie!

Hello guys, My name is Jiki, and I manage a fiverr account named Team Pro10 which showcases different skills from 10 different dudes around the globe. We all want to succeed someday, but right now, we’re not doing very great. But despite not having our very first sale (yet), we want to pursue this passion and Fiverr is easily the best way for us to do what we love!

Hoping for some encouragements or tips down in the comments… really proud to be one of this awesome community!

Cheers to all of us!


Oh btw, I would appreciate some tips too!

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum.
Check out these 10 tips for new Fiverr sellers:

Have a good day


Welcome to joining fiverr forum.
Everyone is helpful here.
You will get unlimited help from here.
Check this out for how to get orders:

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i hope u had sales more and more now

@imgpian You are replying 10 months later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

ok. i hope all the best for us. thanks