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How's everyone doing?

Sales are steadily on the raise, I am learning how to up sell my products and add on other gigs I have to combine multiple gigs into one project. I am learning it’s all about communication with your clients… get them to tell you the value in your gig extras and they can’t say no to ordering them. Always deliver with a watermark so you can get your revisions done and then have the client do a final approval. Once you send them the project without the watermark it’s final. So just explain to them once they approve it you are done working on it for the agreed upon price. This has eliminated the person who wants three or four versions for one price. Also I have value in myself and my time… do the same!!! Don’t settle for $5 gigs just because you want the gig, pick your clients charge more if they are seriously interested they will spend the money.

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Nice to hear you are doing good. I also think communication is key to get better. I’ve learned quite a lot since I started selling on Fiverr. I think I have more patience now when dealing with clients and value my work better.

Besides the economic aspect, which is obviously nice, I’ve gained self-confidence and can see that my skills are wanted/needed. Even though I can’t do as much work as I wanted now since I’m finishing my education at this moment, I’m looking forward to the summer so I can focus more on my gigs.

I hope everyone else is doing great on Fiverr. Wish you all great selling/buying experiences. :wink: