How's going Business During Christmas Festival?


Any Effect on business due to Christmas for Indian designers? Looking for your comments on this? :slight_smile:


No work right now due to the Christmas holidays.


same here! no buyer request also! :frowning: hope for more work soon!


I don’t know, I am doing pretty well.


it affects Indian designers bro :slight_smile:


Why only Indians? I mean, there’s christmas all over the globe.


Business going as I am a new seller. Got some Christmas related work as well.
But no buyer requests.


I guess it depends on the location of your customers. If your customers are mainly from the western countries it is very likely that the orders will drop during the next few days.

I have mainly private clients in the eastern part of the world, so I will have to work during the Christmas days.


You are absolutely right! In my country holidays starting from December 31st, so it depends everywhere


Those sellers who providing services related to Christmas their businesses are going really good these days others are waiting for end the holidays :slight_smile:


Yes, depends on customer’s location.
I am surprised that I got my biggest order from US yesterday. I also got a couple more Christmas related orders (though I am not exclusively offering any Christmas gig). A number of inquiries incoming.
My Chrismas has never been more merrier (Though I don’t celebrate it).
Happy Holidays! :innocent:


as in india we celebrate Diwali as you celebrate Christmas! :slight_smile: That is why!! :slight_smile:


good to hear that! Keep It up! :slight_smile:


true :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Yeah! Hope it will be on track from 1st jan! :slight_smile:


true! Best Of luck for more work! :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:


good! best of luck for more work! :slight_smile: