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Hows it looking?


Hi Fiverr Community!

Just after some feedback on my first gig and ideas for improvement?

Have had two sales since the gig started last week and enjoying the learning curve!



Your gig is awesome!

Just a few very minor things I’ve picked up on:

  • Your pronoun usage is inconsistent between your bio and gig description (“I am passionate” vs. “Services We Provide”).
  • I think your gig title looks a bit awkward as each word is capitalised - just use lowercase
  • Your package offering doesn’t fully align with your package description. Under the “# of images” part, each package tier says “unlimited”, but in the descriptions above, you offer 15, 30 and 50 images respectively
  • For consistency, consider using bullets in the “why choose us” section, so that it aligns with “services we provide”


Thanks for your feedback!

I shall definitely action these points!

One thing I am confused about, with the ‘# of images’ section, is this not just how many separate images I include with the 15, 30, 50? (it doesn’t give me any other option in the drop-down other than 1 - 10 images)