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How's my gig, kindly review

I am not Receiving orders. Kindly review my gig. Thank you in advance

So I’m not an artist - please do take this with a pinch of salt. I’m… Not quite convinced to buy your gigs when I look at your pictures. It might be just the saturation on my phone (so if they show up good for everyone else then my bad) but I feel like it’s not the best job I have ever seen. You do seem to have a lot of great reviews though already - I see that you used to be a…
Programmer and switched niches I suppose? (that happens I guess although I don’t think I could ever just convert my profile completely but maybe I am deducting the reviews wrong so!)

That being said, yeah I would probably post better quality pictures for your gig. It’s already a highly saturated market so you can’t have glaringly bright eyes (or such tan skin.) but again I’m no pro at this so…

(another thing and this is going to sound mean but as a buyer I’m not sure I’d trust someone who has 200 reviews but 0! On their current gigs. It just seems a tad off to me although I have deleted a fair share of my gigs as I figured out what I wanted to do but not all of them at the same time…)


yeah i was programmer but now change me niche to graphic designing.
Thank You for the informative review :slight_smile:

Ah I see. Well, if you tighten up those photos a bit I’m sure you’ll be able to get started :slight_smile:

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Thank You again :slight_smile: