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How's the support? URGENT!


What are support doing?
I got cheating and getting scam with a seller. I contact support but doesn’t reply.

Also I opened dispute but seller declined and payment will be released to the cheating seller in 3 days by automatic system.

How can I stop that s**t seller not to get my money without doing my order complete.


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Be patient with CS. If your complaint is well-founded, then CS will be able to cancel the order up until 2 weeks after order completion if I am not mistaken.

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I don’t have any reply from CS. Also I cannot locate the seller profile as it is not available. But the seller can still decline my cancellation request and request refund. I also cannot send message to the seller anymore.

I have no idea how he has done. Order always show delivered and going to complete in 3 days.
I open dispute but it is the same order going to complete in 3 days when seller decline my request.

Now he decline my request. I open again dispute. I can only do that again and again and that seller also decline my request again and again.

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Be patient. After the order is compleded, it is still 2 weeks until the funds get transferred to the seller. Up until that moment CS can still cancel the order. And I think (but not sure) in some situations even orders can be canceled (and funds transferred back to buyer) after the funds are cleared for the seller.

Just don’t bombard CS with messages, one ticket will be ok!__
If the seller is malicious, then for sure you will get your money back to fiverr account.

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This is really annoying me. Seller make order as delivered without doing anything.
Also the seller declined when I requested to cancel order and request refund.
Why the seller doesn’t want to accept my request? He didn’t do anything for my order.
That seller is really un-professional and thirsty in money.
I will still opening dispute again and again until I get reply from CS.
I am really angry with that s**t seller.

However, that you for your reply. I will be waiting reply from the CS and hope not to loose my money.

The Seller definitely violated Fiverr’s terms of service. Blank deliveries is a big no-no. Also, CS response varies up 24-48 hours. Don’t worry they will sort it out for you, regardless if the order auto-completes.


Sorry this happened to you. Just hold on and wait for Customer Support’s reply they will help and look into the issue. Just keep checking from time to time on your ticket through this link:

Hope this gets sorted for you as soon as possible!

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Don’t worry, you have 14 days to get a refund. Also the CS will be reply you within a day.

Thank you for all your replies.

I hope to get reply from CS soon.

My order is cancelled by CS and the funds are back to my account balance.

Thank you for all your kind reply. :wink:


First off, I would suggest remaining professional, calming down, and being patient.

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told you to be patient :slight_smile:
good to hear everything worked out :+1:


Sorry for my inpatient because I was a little bit nervous and was angry with that seller.

Everything is OK now. In the future, I will have to choose the seller carefully.
Just learnt from mistake. :grin: