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How's your Fiverr gig looking?

Your gig ad, cover photo and profile picture are all first impressions when buyer visits your gig, so your gig needs look professional and appealing. Unfortunately everyone isn’t gifted with graphic design skills, and that’s where I come in as your savior.

For $5:

I will design your gig ad, cover photo and profile picture.

Take a look at the collage example in my gig ad.

Each design is produced to meet Fiverr’s upload specifications, and take-down/disapproval proof.

Strict Quality Standards! If you you’re looking for Microsoft Publisher graphics then don’t buy this gig.

I will not include level badges because that would be a waste of money for you. You could purchase your gig today as a level 2, and then get chosen for top seller tomorrow. So level badges are not included. Am not saying you can’t change your advertising but not because you’re force to.

If you’d like to give your entire gig a face lift, then check out my extra for the recommended bundle.

PLEASE read my buyer instructions before ordering!

Don’t wait another day! Order this gig now and make an attempt to boost your sales!