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Hows your Fiverr is Going πŸ™ƒ


Hi guys, Hows Fiverr going right now for you?

1# Bad
2# Awsome
3# Balanced

Please share your experiences, advice, and suggestions for others :slight_smile:


bad :robot: bad :robot:


Ooopss :sweat: sorry to hear that what you think what’s the reason behind this?


I’m still fairly new here and haven’t gotten any orders yet and I don’t expect to get any either until I add more gigs, which is totally understandable. So for now I’m just hanging around testing the waters and trying to get to know some people.
So far so good!


The reason is my most sold gigs have been removed and the left over ones due to the new fiverr algorithm they are reindexed on the search engine so my ranking is really bad . Hoping for the best ! :v::eye:


Great dear good luck :blush::+1:


Yeah good luck :blush::+1: dear


I am new at Fiverr, completed only 6 orders till now. It is about 2 months, I have started working on Fiverr.


Its been 24 hours since I joined and created my first gig. Zero impressions so far.


You will get more soonπŸ˜‡


For sometime you will get soon…


for now its bad :pensive:
but theres still hope for the best :slight_smile:


Dear moaner, @yurymuzlanov, come see your fellows. You can easily establish your tent here and convert this space to a moaners’ territory.:ok_hand:


Yeah I liked your spirit :+1: