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How's your guy's sales (after the new processing fee stuff?)

Ever since the $2 processing fee has been enacted my sales have plummeted. I went from having 30 orders in queue on Fiverr to 0 (after today.) Obviously I run my own site so I am not penniless lol but this is the worst it has ever been.
How is your guy’s businesses? I’m pretty sad right now.

Also, I noticed that buyers can now mark their orders as complete WITHOUT leaving a review. This has also affected my business negatively.


I have no reason to complain. I’ll leave it at that.

I understand your frustration, however, buyers are not obligated to leave reviews. They never have been. How is the current situation any different?

It’s not bad - I mean I get my funds quicker. I just secretly hope they mark it as complete and leave me 5 stars instead sigh


I’ve noticed a lull. Not 100% sure it’s due to the new processing fees. But I’m sure it didn’t help.

I have also had to clients comment to me about it. They weren’t exactly happy. From there end, my base price just went up 40% (I sell a lot of $5 gigs).

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I did too, reason why I wanted to ask other people’s experience with this.

I seem to be noticing sellers marking orders complete without leaving a review more often, as well… but, as @jonbaas says, they have always been able to do that… BUT I wasn’t always able to see them doing it! LOL… I think now that we can, that’s the difference! :no_mouth::smile: “Out of sight, out of mind…”

I have just been able to see buyers have just marked an order complete over the past two months or so… never before that. Don’t know if it’s the same across the board for all sellers.

My sales have been good, to be honest! :sunglasses:


Unfortunatelly, everyone is sad. Buyers and sellers too! :disappointed_relieved:


everyone is sad, except Fiverr :expressionless:


This is inaccurate. I know plenty of buyers, and sellers who are not sad. I’m happy, and I could name off a few other buyers/sellers who are doing well, and have no success complaints.

It is unwise to make a claim upon everyone, when everyone is not sad.

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I noticed that the “secret” reviews are back. I didn’t see them like 1-2 months ago, but now my last two purchases had them again. I guess they are testing or switching it on/off when they need to.

As a seller I know how important reviews are so I always try to leave a review, but as a buyer I did find it annoying to leave 2 reviews (one internal for Fiverr and one for the seller). If I was just a random buyer I wouldn’t have filled out the second review for the buyer.

I don’t know if that’s the reason, but I would understand it if it was.


Yea, but if you purchase cheaper than $20, it will be sad for the most users.

My sales have plummeted as well. What is the fee for a $10 order? $4? Most of my gigs start at $10.

My sales are fine. However, things are looking bleak long-term. Buyers who used to order regular bundles of 1-2 articles , now want bundles of 10-15. This means that my overall sales volume can’t keep up with cancellations or things like buggy 4.7 reviews.

Also, since my cryptocurrency and blockchain articles are meant to be written and published on a day to day basis (for best SEO results) my buyers are taking a hit by publishing articles in bulk rather than one by one as my gig really intends.

Using milestones to counter this effect isn’t possible, as I am only able to configure something like 3 milestones and I simply can’t commit to delivering daily on Fiverr in the first place.

As it stands 5 cancellations which Fiverr is currently counting as 8 over the past 60-days, have me down to 94% orders complete. That though, was based on several buyers ordering 5 orders as opposed to one bulk order on a regular basis. My stats in another 30-60 days will, therefore likely look something like:

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My 200% sales down!! Buyers are leaving and finding other platform… I think so!!

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As I knew few TRS their sales got plumped too.
Most of the orders are from return buyers.

Very few enquiries, some even none.

There must be something wrong out there, hope it will get fixed soon.
Maybe fiverr is testing something so they didn’t do much marketing? I don’t know.

I saw the fiverr promotional ads, Only PRO SELLERS GIG in the that promotions… they are focusing on pro only

Yup, I saw they are now promoting #canneslions stuff on twitter but that seem exclusive for the Pro.
I really hope they do not put all the effort into Pros, without us, fiverr was nothing.

I missed the old days when they have podcast, putting some Super Seller or TRS on the website to feature, work hard and you rank up, etc.

Now it seem turn into another platform which act like another freelancing platform.

Maybe at the future we need to bid & proposal for gig, hopefully not.

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I doubt that many Pros would buy into that. The average buyer request would result in a five minute giggle fit, before they clicked away from Fiverr forever.

As for the marketing, I really don’t see Pros as a threat. I think Fiverr would obviously love it if Pro sellers started bringing in substantial turnover. As it is though, many seem to have low review numbers coupled with low orders in queue.

I’m not saying that’s all. However, the idea of Pro sellers seems to be to attract Pro-level buyers with big budgets. - Not convince Betty with a $50 website marketing budget to remortgage her house and invest in a one-off service from the logo guy from Apple.

In short, Betty still belongs firmly to us worker bees. :+1:



I agree that Betty won’t go for Pro, but if Mark sees 2 gigs at the same pricing level then PRO badge makes a difference. There are some sellers who are competing at the same pricing levels as some PROs and then it is a bit problematic. :slight_smile:

And yes I know that everyone can price their gigs as they see fit. I don’t even care how much others make, that’s up to them.

What annoys me is that I can’t get a decent portfolio. I’d be willing to even pay for that. I will solve it with a video when I have more time, but still a proper portfolio would be nice :slight_smile:
Or if you don’t give us portfolios then let us link to our own external portfolio like PROs can.

What bothers me is that if a buyer places an order by mistake, it gets cancelled and a seller might lose ranking, while PRO can cancel 5 orders in a row and they will still be on the front page when a buyer switches the PRO toggle :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here :slight_smile:
To answer the initial question, my Fiverr business is going surprisingly well. Super busy and if Fiverr can fix a few bugs & release more features to all levels I’d probably do even better :slight_smile:


I don’t know. If I go to buy something and I see one seller with 1,000+ reviews priced at $100 and a Pro with 100 reviews priced at $100, I’m probably going to choose the regular seller.

I think this is what Fiverr has missed the mark on with this one. A lot of top quality sellers have built their reputation by being Pros already but building up reviews by offering discounted rates.

When you build reviews, you build social proof around your services. Yes, Pros can argue that they have already built social proof elsewhere but who cares? Unless I already know a big name like Nike, the Pro badge means nothing to me.

I’m considered a pro on my main writing platform. The beauty there, though, is that I only take on projects as and when I am available. Sometimes I take on a $80 project for 1,000-words. On others, I take on a $10 project for $500. It all just depends on if I have the time and if I want to do the work. In this case, what could give a lot of Pros a boost on Fiverr, is something like a more dynamic pricing structure.

Sure, advertise yourself at $100 - $9,999. Maybe though, build a bit social proof in the meantime, by offering discounted services like the rest of us. If, after all, days and weeks starts going by without orders, some Pros will likely do what I do when I get a notification from Upwork. - Namely, think “Uh, I completely forgot about that.” - Delete

Anyway, I can’t see that or influxes of high-end buyers being herded to Fiverr by Pros happening any time soon.

And yes, this and the portfolio business is slightly annoying.