How's your health?


Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here in the forum. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is well and doing okay. Apparently, the all-nighters have gotten the better of me. I’m unwell but got to keep on ‘doing’ so I can eat… lol

Be sure to maintain balance in life.

Lot’s of love to everyone. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m physically well. Watching news and atm I’m sad :’(



Why are you sad?


Because watchin’ sad news. :mask:



wow… Didn’t even know about this. :cry:


I am so sorry to hear you are not doing well.

Get well soon. It’s great to see you back. Hope you will join us more often.

My heart goes out to Manchester and all the people and families affected by this tragedy.


Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly! I wish you a good recovery! Glad you checked in!


Same here, what an awful situation. Hope for lots of help headed their way. :love_letter:


We are good and you will be too.


Idostuff! So good to see you! That said, sorry Fiverr is getting the better of you.

I know exactly what you mean about the all nighters. Last night was the first night I actually slept in 3 days. Before that I literally just stole a few power naps on the sofa. What is worse, the universe seems to conspire against me whenever I do get chance to rest.

At the moment there is building work going on in the apartment building next door. I was dealing with the 7am jack hammering ok since I haven’t been sleeping anyway. However, today on my planned off day, I have had a video order come in for extra fast delivery and just as I started work, the bar stewards building next door have went and cut my Internet off.

The result is me now trying to create a video on my much less than adequate tablet using the free wifi of my local café. So much for my off day.

Seriously though, you shouldn’t let sleep and your health slip too much. In fact, I find that when I am super tired, I actually end up procrastinating more and this makes everything worse.


Hey @cyaxrex,

That scenario sounds all too familiar. :slight_smile:


Oh my, thanks guys.

Maybe I’m getting old, but for some reason, your responses made me tear up a little. Just a little. :sweat_smile: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thank you all.



Hi Arden - I haven’t got any hearts left at the moment, but I hope you feel better soon!


Thank you, here’s one. :heart: :grin:


Great to see you here Arden!
Hope you get better soon.

Getting a balance right is not easy, I actually found this thread and link quite useful.


Very timely.

Thanks @eoinfinnegan

I have actually changed some of my bad habits and trying to get a lot more sleep.


Hi, Arden! Sorry to hear of your health problems! I’m so glad you reported in to let us know how you are. I hope you get well soon. :pill::pill::pill::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: ( Sending you medicine and money)


Thank you kindly @misscrystal.
I truly appreciate your kind words. BIG :slight_smile: