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How's your November sales so far?


So, I’ve been in the market to buy for a few days. I noticed many of my regular sellers, or the sellers I want to buy from, have a very strong queue with some in the double digits.

I’m one of those buyers who typically stay away from sellers with large orders in their queue. I’m waiting for the number of orders to go down before placing mine.

It led me to believe November must be a very strong month for article writers, illustrators, proofreaders and background removal/Photoshop sellers.


I had a great start in November but it weakened off since last week :wink:


Number of orders in the queue can be but isn´t necessarily a good indicator; my queue, for instance, is rather low this month, as I had mostly orders I could deliver rather quickly, yet I´m pretty busy because a regular customer placed a very big order with a 28-day delivery time.

A seller with many orders in queue might have “only” small jobs, a seller with few orders, even just one, may be completely booked out, depends on the size of the orders, on the time a seller allocates to Fiverr orders, whether they do Fiverr full-time or not, …

I´d just ask, nevermind their queue, I´m pretty sure they won´t mind, especially when they know you already. :slight_smile:


Hey Gina, haven’t had too many orders the last 1 week, but otherwise been very busy. October was my best earning month and November is already 80% of that with 10 days to go. 40-45 in the queue, busy for the next 30 days. You have made one order I think :slight_smile: Am enjoying it actually :slight_smile: [Remember, people order 29 days in advance, so the orders I’m doing right now are still October’s orders…November will start in December…LOL)


I thought about that. I had a proofreader that I gave few thousand words to once. She only worked part time on 5r, so she was pretty much booked for two weeks just on me.

I guess it’s psychological, my brain reads many orders = busy = not enough time.

I’m just happy people are doing well during the holiday season. :slight_smile:


November has been awesome. Although the number on the queue doesn’t justify the work being done. I have about 5 large orders currently. Working all weekend to make sure they get delivered in time because more orders are on the way!

It is just fun!


I am just worried about December 18 Gujarat elections results. Will keep as busy as possible till that day with writing work, so that I don’t get distracted and end up wasting time on Twitter and getting stressed. So, I welcome all the work I can get on Fiverr, this is relaxing for me. (LOL…I know how strange that sounds to most people, but Writer is Writer :sunglasses: )


Wow! Congratulations!

Last year, I heard rumors that orders slow down around November and dies by December.

I guess it’s a double edge sword, working on holidays suck but getting orders must be great!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Yes true, this time last year was a little slow and orders stopped around mid-December and started with a BIG BANG! in January.

It is much better this year and I am really optimistic. Yes, will be a double-edged sword! Excited about it!


I was able to hit level 1 in November and I’ve completed more work than I ever thought possible on Fiverr. I am also only part time though. I would never give up my full time gig!


Yeah, I agree with the others, orders in queue can be deceiving. I had one client around this time last year which had one order (although split it up for some reasons) for 6 weeks of close to full time work.

As to how November has been, if I finish out my orders in hand on time then November will be my highest earning month so far even though I will have had less orders than any other month in the past 15 and have had my two all time top sellers paused for half of the month!


It goes to show, holidays are a hit or miss in freelancing. I’m happy to hear so many are doing so well.

Here’s to ending the year with a bang!! :slight_smile::slight_smile::heart::heart::slight_smile::slight_smile:


@gina_riley2 So good to hear that!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I was a bit busy up until last week, right now my queue is all clear.
I think November is going perfectly fine so far, I hit my monthly target. :smiley:
We do have 10 more days left though, I’ll see if I can squeeze in a few more gigs before December!


Do you get quite a bit of holiday chibi orders? I can envision folks getting a squishing cartoon of family around a :christmas_tree: .



So far November is the best month so far this year (if tips are included) according to the analytics page.


Of course! It’s still money in the :bank: ! Congratulations!! :slight_smile:


Considering that my gigs were dead for a while and then I had the long Vacation Mode, things are looking up. I’m still recovering from VM but orders have at least been small but consistent in November.

I’m pushing mine right now because mid-December usually craters for me and I may be moving then this year. Gotta make dough while I have time left or this holiday could be scarce.

Still, I’m glad I’ve kept getting orders in November. I think if I’d had time to prop up with more cheap BR arrangements I’d have looked good in quantity alone.


So, you’re no longer gonna be a Texan?


If all goes as planned and I can hold things together, I’ll be moving about 6 blocks closer to my parents home so I can care for them more easily. So, still a Texan!