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How's your sales going in December?


I am a full time market researcher on fiverr and my sales is very low in this month. Please let me know some help full tips or something so that i can able to pull it back. Thank you so much for your reading and attention. Much appreciated.


December sales are good for some sellers bad for some. It depends on your category as well as your gigs and how you present your services. This month has been my best for the entire year, but who knows, next month might be my worst.


Well, I just delivered more than 8 orders in the last 10days of December. Lucky Charm you can say.


My orders are in a slump. So hoping it picks up in January order-wise.


Is there any advice or something you can give me to rise up my sales again?


I am hoping as well.


Started on Fiverr in October. Got a couple orders in October, two handfuls in November and so far in December I’ve had two dozen orders all of them over $5. Been a great month!


The most important thing I think you should do to boost sales is put a gig video on your best seller at least. You should also try proofreading your gig descriptions.


Better than month of November. But my sales hugely dropped than previous year…


December was my first month on fiverr, i wasn’t expecting that much but my sale was outstanding :blush: AlhamduLillah


Congratulations for this month :blush: and don’t be hopeless for the future


very slim but only a few off of the sellers list is for your gig.

Is there a forum just based on your gig? That would be so helpfull for this month’s sales.

Michael A. Gamoras


no enough order.try to increase in january


Overall, it was down a bit for me, but not my a huge amount. It slowed down towards the end of December when Christmas came around. It already started picking back up as we get close to the end of the year. In all the years on Fiverr (since 2010), I’ve noticed a slump in sales during December. It always picks up. The best thing i’ve done is stop worrying about the daily sales and just look at my monthly averages. I try and play the long game. Good luck to everyone!


December was great …


December is going very well…


Comparing November orders, December orders are very low. I completed almost 100 orders on November but in December I completed only 20 orders. I would have been much worse thought. I hope January 2018 will be much better.


started on fiverr in December.I think this month not good for me.


Me too I also started fiverr on December.but not good this month


Thank you so much for your advice. I tried to hire some one on fiverr to make a video for me but no one help me. I am only a researcher. I think you can help me with this.