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Hp to tackle this problem (You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!)

while i open my buyers request this message appear and i’m not able to send buyer request to any one


You need to get your overall rating to 4.5 or higher. You can do that by completing more orders and earning ratings higher than 4.5. There’s no other way. :thinking:


Hi @usmanquresh

As @hanshuber16 said you’ll need to complete more orders and get them rated higher than 4.5

I see you only have 1 review so you only need to get two orders rated 5* to pull up your rating, it won’t be easy but it’s possible if you manage to get buyers. Please take a look to this thread :arrow_down:


Hello @hanshuber16
i find your comment help full
thank you

I’m a bit confused about your question because you have your answer literally in your topic, you need to have 90% rating for all stats


Well, I am having this same problem but right now, I think it should have been cleared because I got 1.3 on one order and 5.0 on two orders… How long do I have to wait?

3.8 stars is very far from being 90% of 5 stars total statistics. You can do the math and count how much % is 3.8 from 5

I’ll give you a hint: 76%

Math doesn’t care what you think. Math is math and numbers speaks for themselves.


@mariashtelle1, thank you for this… I’ll have to work more to achieve that. It was really helpful

@mariashtelle1 thank you