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HQ catchy vs low Q. Image


I have putted all HQ catchy images in my gigs, also did image seo, but no order :frowning:
But I have seen some people with low quality not well images in gig, but getting order. What is the strategy? Seeking proper way.


High-quality, eye-catching images do not guarantee sales. You need to be offering a service that people need, and you need to working hard to connect to the customers that need those services. Just posting images, and expecting a response isn’t likely to be successful.

What efforts are you taking to market and promote your gigs to the target customers that need what you have to offer?


Your gigs look great, but this kind of work is very competitive. It seems when there is heavy competition, buyers tend to go with sellers who have a lot of five-star reviews. I know that’s frustrating because you need to make sales to get reviews! It’s a vicious circle.

I would create a gig that is fairly unique, but has a high demand. You’ll need to do some research for that. Also, make great, tailored offers to Buyer Requests, offering free extras (as long as they don’t take you much time to do) and also complete some of Fiverr’s free courses. When buyers see how well you do on the tests, that may give them an extra to work with you versus someone else. I’ve also heard some speculation that completing Fiverr’s paid Learn courses can actually give you advantage in the algorithm.

Gig images are very important, but they are only one factor in a sale and can’t independently get you sales.


You have explained nicely. Thank you so much, i will make one gig as unique and also some free tests. Thanx again.


You’re so welcome! Also, consider making an animated video for each gig. I’ve found that immensely helpful, but it will only work for you if the video quality is professional.


Yah that is also a nice suggestion. I also have seen videos in lots of Fiverr gigs. I will try it also. Thanks again :blush: