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HTTP error



With the new uploader (well new-ish) I constantly receive a HTTP error, and resort to clicking the ‘‘problems with new uploader’’ link, This then works but I do not have the opportunity to have work samples.

Any advice would be appreciated.


i also have those problem its I.O. Input output error where the connection getting lost. i still communicate with the support and told them that the problem is not on my connection i tested everything all other stuff works i have to know it because thats my job ^^ but they stillsay i have to clear my cache stupid i do that every end of the day ^^


That’s exactly what they told me…

Smaller file’s sometimes work I have noticed : )


Happens to me sometimes to, I just upload the file to mediafire or any other file hosting service and give them the link to download. It solves that problem quite easily! :slight_smile:


limit is ok but sometimes i also have that problem while using small files lower as 2 MB

i just need some images for my live folio so if the problem cuntinues it helps to wait 5-10min, if its urgent to delivery i prefer to use dropbox.


*UPDATE: 1.6.13 - Tried using Safari browser instead of Chrome and everything works now including multiple file attachement uploading.

Hi all,

This is a major problem today. I can neither upload any attachments nor just “Deliver Work” with only a simple text note right now. Bigger problem is that I have a deadline to “Deliver Work” in less than 5 hours!

Any advice?

thank you,



Thank you so much, this has helped : )


realy? for me this not helps and i dont know why ^^

madmoo said: individual file can't be more than 50mb.

I don't think that's the case. I faced this problem many times. And my files are all less than 10Mb. What I did was wait. Sometime it stucked at a certain percentage. Then I reloaded the page and upload again... and again and again until finally successful



Reply to @madmoo: You rock!

I was using Chrome when the trouble started today. I switched over to Safari browser and it worked!

Thank you so much. :wink:



Cannot upload the Video on My GIG!

Getting HTTP Error…

Tried to Upload 3/4 times all of the time when 99% competed its shows me HTTP Error

Any Advice?