HTTP Errors


Thankfully they have cleared up now (woo) but still, it is annoying. Fiverr customer support basically told me that if you can’t deliver on time due to HTTP errors then the customer has a right to cancel, and of course you get negative feedback which can’t be removed, I don’t see the logic in that sigh. Every single one of the negative feedbacks I have is down to HTTP errors, and I can never get them removed unless I get customers to agree :frowning: Sad thing is, I would have delivered them on time if the things actually uploaded, and I did let the customers know every stage of the process sigh


Hey Ryan.

Deliver via Drop Box if you are having HTTP Errors, why should you get a negative if there is a problem with the site. Screen shot it, deliver via drop box and if you have any comes back you have some evidence that you did all you could, there no reason you should wear a negative for a site error.