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I am active at fiverr from at least 5 months but I am not getting any order. What can I do now?


make your gig more attractive


How can I do Brother please advice me.


make your gig thumbnail eye catching and unique , make a good description explain about your service and price clearly, use unique tags use those tags that ppl are searching , and make a good title , and use buyer request daily , share your gig in social media ,


Ok Thank you. I am trying.


you are welcome , buyer request is best way to getting orders


Yes, I am submitting buyer request but not getting any reply.


This is my profile link please see it.


ok :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


you have very bad description in your gig, please explain in short in your gig description about your service ,


Ok thank you


I will explain in short in my all gig description.


Any other change brother?