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Wait, what?

If you are looking for “gig love” clicks, then this isn’t the place to do it. You can readily find Facebook groups that peddle that kind of nonsensical, deceptive service.

People post on “Improve My Gig” for insight and advice from other forum users who post out of kindness, interest, or plain simple boredom, and not for establishing quid pro quo arrangements.


*waits for the post to be (deservedly) nuked from orbit as spam by the moderators…*

I foresee a short and unspectacular career on Fiverr ahead amongst (literally) hundred thousand or so other sellers offering the exact same service here. :roll_eyes:


Seems you got your wish @janeeditor. Post has been rendered unto ash by the Lord of Moderation.

This also proves @enunciator’s point. Gaming the system is not how good results happen.

It saddens me to see how many so easily stoop to the worst they have to give. I get that it seems easier but if the results are an orbital nuking followed by an unspectacular descent into greater hopelessness, why do it.

Freelancing is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is Mickey Mouse or Satan in a White Suit, luring you into a hell hole.