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Huge decline in sales? What can I do?

Hi there! I’ve been on Fiverr since July 2015 and have done alright for myself, as things go. My most popular seller is my paraphrasing gig; I have one regular client and a few others.

So here’s my issue-

While my turnaround time is very fast, and I consider my work to be of good quality, I don’t seem to be getting many orders lately. On some of the other gigs I have offered, I’ve never even had one order. It’s frustrating because I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! What changes should I make, and how do I get more traffic to my gigs? I advertise outside of Fiverr, and have tried to make my profile attractive, but any outside advice is appreciated!

I am a buyer on Fiverr and have been trawling through for weeks finding good writers. The first thing which would put me off your gigs is the image used for each one. The font is difficult to read.

I don’t know about other buyers, but I like to see who I am dealing with. If your gig image had your photo and the title of the gig in a more uniform manner, I would be more inclined to click it.

Maybe make your profile picture clearer too? As I said, it may be just me, but I do like to see who I am dealing with! It seems to make the process more personal!

I think @mfacer gave you some great feedback.

I find your paraphrasing gig to be a little confusing. I’m not sure what paraphrasing means to you (or to your buyers) but to me it just means re-wording a document (even spinning a document) and doesn’t always imply high quality writing. If I needed my writing proofed, I would buy a gig specifically for that.

If I needed work re-written, I’d buy a gig that said re-writing or spinning and I would want a mention of whether or not that would be done manually or with software. I can’t think of a reason I would buy a gig that used the word paraphrasing other than including it as a tag or keyword. That’s just me, though, so perhaps you’ve found an untapped market that I don’t know about. You have no samples showing your work so I can’t tell what you really do.

Review gigs are difficult to sell on Fiverr now. Reviews are against the Terms of Service if done on any site that disallows paid reviews (including ones like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor) so buyers are getting wary of buying them. Sellers who manage to get some orders on those often find the gig eventually denied due to complaints.

Fast proofreading is a very marketable service on Fiverr. It is always difficult to get early sales, though, since no one is sure if you are good at it. You have one negative review on your “paraphrasing” gig so that will hurt you even more when buyers are considering you. You also have no samples of your proofreading skills at all. You need samples even if you have to create them by writing documents yourself with deliberate errors and then correct them. Those need to be uploaded in your gig images and PDF slots at the very least.

A slideshow used as a video might help too. You may have to really work buyer requests to get some sales, and you may need to offer deals that are highly competitive so you can prove yourself. You’ll either have to offer something very unique or worth a buyer risking $5 just in case. With great sample work and offers of super-high word counts you might get some reviews to build a reputation.

Thank you so much for the feedback! When I say “Paraphrasing,” I do mean “rewriting, rewording, cleaning it up and making it flow better.” I don’t spin and everything is done by me alone, though I see now that fact isn’t very obvious.

The negative feedback, unfortunately, is false and not reflective of the actual situation that happened (an incredibly demanding and dishonest buyer), but customer service will not remove it, so I’m stuck with it :/. I will absolutely reword my gigs and add samples of my work. Thank you so, so much!

Those are very good suggestions, thank you! I know I needed to change a few things, I just wasn’t sure what. I really appreciate the advice :).

And hey, if you ever do need a writer, let me know! I’m fairly new to Fiverr but I’m good at what I do! :wink:

I went through your gigs and the image for proofreading and critique of a document needs to be changed to one with a clearer font. Its almost easy to read when clicked on and zoomed in, however not while it comes on during a search,
Generally when i order gigs, i always take note and prioritize the gig which has a better cover photo than the others.

Keep promoting your gigs through twitter and other forms of social media as well.
Hope this helps

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

One of the most important things is the gig profile image, that is your brand image, the first thing a client sees and first impression.

First impression counts enormously!

I’ll be very honest now, trying, I did not go past the profile image, you lost me there.

So get that fixed asap, maybe even have a designer create you a profile image.