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Huge decrease in sales?

For some reason my sales have slumped for the past few days. I noticed my impressions, clicks, views, etc. have sunk as well. But my placement for “psychic” in the search algorithm looks great. Anyone else noticing an odd sink? :frowning:


I have gone from lots of sales to it turning off suddenly like turning off a faucet a couple of days ago. :woman_shrugging:


I noticed that the beginning of this month my gig extras have decreased as well. Can someone have the Fiverr gods help us out please lol

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Same here.

And I’m getting lots of very happy clients reporting in, as always.

I can’t complain though. The last 30 days overall have been fantastic.

I continue to get messages that people are coming to fiverr specifically to order from me after reading about my reputation. Number :one: here.

This mornings first happy message of the day:

I post this to illustrate that fiverr has the top rated spellcaster on the internet, right here. :1st_place_medal:


review great

So any slowdown for me is most likely temporary. I just wanted to be perfectly clear that I do not expect any slowdown, for me, to be anything but temporary.


Yes… me too. For the last month, not only few days

What is happening here? I am also suffering in this crisis. I got a order from my old client. But there are no new client. I’m a level two seller. I’m continuing two levels for four months. But this time I face this type of crisis.How can we overcome from here?

Past year for me. It’s a good thing I have other sources of income now.


Your gig was lost in search results… did it came back? If so, can you please suggest if you made any changes to it?

I wouldn’t worry to much if it only been a few days.

I purposely didn’t log into Fiverr all December just cuz I needed a break and my holiday bonuses at work were tremendous. My end result, I ended up with 6 small orders ($75) and a calm holiday season. Picked up again in January (doubled) and we’re only midway through. You’ll be fine.

Tripled now with the new orders today.


Last month was good, I just hope my algorithms go back up. A little nervous.

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Same here, my # of orders dropped since the start of 2020.

Same here, I don’t care anymore.
Get sales or don’t get sales, not stressing it.


I’m sure you know this already, but hopefully it might reassure you: The people who are ordering from you are individuals. Your order levels will be subjected to the randomness of individuality. You might have 20 orders one day and 0 the next, because people just aren’t looking that much at this particular time. Even a huge decrease for a few days it totally normal. If it persists for a week or 2, then I’d probably start to be nervous. A few days shouldn’t be a worry, though!

Also, I’ve ALWAYS gotten less orders on the weekends, and they pick up monday through thursday, IDK if that has anything to do with it though, and that probably varies based on what you’re selling.


Which marketing techniques are you guys using to attract more customers? Do you run adds or something else?