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Huge drop in my gig's impressions

I’ve decided to include packages in my translation gig, as some of my competitors did, and suddenly its impressions dropped dramatically: from around 150-250 each day, to figures between 9-29.

I really don’t know why, I didn’t change any tags whatsoever, and I’m offering the same service and prices. The clicks and visualizations didn’t change much, still. I’m currently ranked in 2nd place when it comes to EN-PT translations, but, at the moment, I don’t have any order, whilst the translator who’s ranked in 1st has 11. Quite a disparity, since I have a more competitive price and a perfect rating.

Any ideas? Thank you.

So you saw this drop at the same time as you switched to packages? And you are in the same place in the rankings as before? Did you look for you gig while in incognito mode (in Chrome) to make sure you are seeing it accurately?

Yes, almost at the same time, April 28th. I’ve checked in incognito mode already, so did my girlfriend. I’m still in the same place, everything looks the same as far as I’m concerned. Quite weird indeed.

I did not switch to packages at all and saw a huge drop in impressions in the last week so it’s pretty alarming to see this and no explanation that I know of. What about sales, are they the same?

About your best selling gig, where do you see it in the listings? I see that you have it under translations, but I checked and did not see it although I did not scroll down the page.