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Huge Drop in Traffic

Hi just curious if anyone has experience a huge drop in traffic lately. My gig went from getting 2-5 sales a week for that last 16 months to ZERO sales in the last two weeks.

All of a sudden too, just a massive drop in traffic to my gig. Impressions, views and clicks are down by 70% since mid August.

Anyone have any insight as to why or anything I can do to reverse this trend?


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This happens to many sellers – whether veteran or new. It seems to be a result of a drop in gig performance (including the metrics only Fiverr sees, which we will never know). The only suggestions that any of us can offer are to improve your gig performance. Market to your target customers, and bring in your own traffic. Deliver more orders. Gain a better traffic-to-sale conversion percentage. Earn more positive reviews… things like that. These likely contribute to gig performance, although, I cannot guarantee that they will fix your issues or concerns.


Thank you for the reply! I’m just confused because my performance and rating have been 5 star and everything has been so consistent these last 1.5 years. I have no idea what to do differently as I’m meeting all the metrics laid out publicly by Fiverr.

Anyways, thanks for your time.

You’re welcome. Good luck.