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Huge error from the site

Hello, so a year ago my gigs dropped from 2k views in 1 week to 10 and i didn;t know why.
So i make like 10 tickets and the answer was always that my gigs were fine then a copy paste text with how can i improved myself.
So i;ve waited 5,6 months and nothing, and then it cross my mind to search my gig. And i could;t find it on the entire site.
I made a ticket again explaining the problem and then they said the problem is solved. And it was, i could find my gig but still no improving in sales, 2,3 per month from before were i had like 40 per month.
So since that huge error from the site i can;t get 3 orders per month, and now i;ve tried and search my gig again with same result.
I can;t find it, and i recorded all.
Is a way that i can report or sue the site?
i can;t have a single order since their mistake…
what can i do?

What exactly would you be suing them for?

Better creating new gigs and editing the previous ones. Never stop experimenting.

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i didn;t say seriously that i would sue them, but i don;t know what to do
i;ve tried everythin.and that gig, one of my principal gigs isn’t visible is searches .
I;ve tried new gigs like 20, and editing everything and nothing

Have you tried promoting your gigs outside of Fiverr? Seems the flyer niche is pretty well saturated.

Duplicate post from Fiverr hided my gig from searches second time