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Huge impression but not getting enough clicks and view!

During last one month i’m getting a lot of impression right now i have monthly 3.5K impression but only 85 click!!! can you imagine! and view is 208!
I don’t know what is happening i’ve completed 4 order yet.
I’m so much worried about it, can anyone help me in that case ?

Impressions don’t matter. They are the amount of people that look at the page you are on. That doesn’t really mean they are looking at your page specifically. It’s the clicks that matter, how many people actually click on your gig. I don’t understand why people make so much fuss about impressions, they aren’t that important…

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I know it and that’s my problem! i want clicks. The main source of click is impressions cuz click come through impressions. If i have 1000 Impression then it’s common that i will get 100 click just! but i have 3.5K and click is 85! It’s out of thought. :frowning:

Well, nothing is common or certain. In the end it comes down to the picture, gig name and if people are interested in the service or not.