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Huge login bug and NO fivver support email to contact

I logged out than tried to log back in, with NO sucess!
Was literally IMPOSSIBLE to login, the only way to eventually be able to get back here was to ask for a password reset.

And of course, I am still showing offline…

COuld not find any support email either …

Wonder if anyone at fiverr is aware and cares ?!?!

This is a confusing post since you are logged in on the forum on an active and older account, so you can log in. If you are logged in to the forum, it’s linked to the main page, so you are logged in to Fiverr also. I don’t know of any current login bugs that are affecting many people, so if it keeps happening to you, it’s not at all hard to contact Customer Support. You can be logged in without showing as “online” since that’s a profile setting. I rarely set mine to online so it says I’m away or offline when I’m not.

There is a link to “Help” when you look at the account dropdown. Or, you can click on the hyperlink that was auto-generated above when I typed Customer Support. If it’s still too confusing, there is a step-by-step guide in the forum Fiverr FAQ. Here is a link to it for more convenience:

Fiverr has a few email addresses listed in the help page, but not all of those get to the Support Team since there are other departments. It’s much faster and smarter to use tickets which are tracked by staff and they care about tickets. They are a small group so it can take a couple of days to hear back.