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Huge problem that I have been suffering for months!


I have been using fiverr for around 5 months. I loved the app and the website features. But from last few weeks I can’t see my buyer request, gigs, analystics, earning etc options in my phone browers and my PC. I am badly in need of help. It will be really great if someone from the centre helps me.


You are ranked as a “New Seller”. Fiverr does not show buyer requests to sellers ranked as “New Seller”. When you are promoted to a “Level 1” seller, you will see plenty of buyer requests again that you can respond to.


Im sorry that cant be right because im a new seller as well and i have plenty of buyers requests shown every day… :roll_eyes:


Fiverr does not show many Buyer Requests to “New Sellers”. This is how the site works now that the seller promotions system has been put into effect. If you are seeking “plenty of buyers requests” on your end, then count yourself lucky.


Sounds as if you need to contact CS if you

Clearing cache and cookies?


But the thing is OP said he can’t see these options via his :iphone: or :desktop_computer: browser.


Maybe fiverr pulled the :electric_plug: on his gigs, and :scissors: them out of the listings. Maybe this can be :hammer_and_wrench: fixed and he can send a :envelope_with_arrow: to CS about it.


when fiverr throw gig from list?