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Huge Scam warning for art new profiles march

In the Illustration section there is a huge problem. I want other illustrators to help unite against organized scam that is going on there. It is going to be your problem really soon if you are an illustrator here and rely on the illustration section.

I noticed that a lot of new gigs are being typed in poor and same english since late. ANd i mean profiles that come from USA and UK and then there was a profile from netherlands i talked to the artist and she couldnt speak a word of dutch. Ok there is a lot of new migrants just getting adjusted i thought. But its not that. When she delivered her work it was no where near the quality of the portfolio. I cancelled the sketches and luckily found a good artist. But i started seeing this on tons of profiles going from march forward. THe same bad english, the same terms as if they where all written by the same people. Then i started taking the pictures out as i couldnt find results in google image search. Now i know why, and this confirms that they are trying to scam you. They use simple fucntions in windows to edit the picture so google doesnt find the original works. If you use the same functions in windows you can find the works. And they sure are not from the countries they act they are from.

I hope someone from fiverr reads this and makes work from it. I understand their orders mean money for you. But if the works are poor and this becomes even bigger scale it must be terrible for the image of the site. And to me this site has been excellent the past few years. So i really hope something happens.


You should open ticket with support and report those sellers

Or if you see those profiles in top right corner you can find a flag icon and report them through that button instead of creating a support ticket


you are right … there are many fake profiles and profiles of fake sellers who want to scam you. I have mainly noticed that those sellers come from that country that begins with the letter I and also the letter C … I do not want to mention the full name of course… fiverr should restrict access to those countries or create some special algorithm…

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No thats not the problem, the problem is they use VPN’s now. So they can come from India but you’ll see on the gig they are from the USA. The second problem is that they edit the images so its going to be hard to find out. The third is i think one company is being hired to do this full time because its not just a few gigs. If you go to illustration (arrange them by date) and save pictures from an entire page and use windows edit to edit the image then send it to google search you will see that its not just a few scammers. It is a recent problem.

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I found the same thing in video editing niche, I was looking for someone to record a green screen footage with an actor, camera rotation and green marks on walls to train motion tracking on cinema 4D since I’m beginer, and I saw a lot of gigs that were copy/pasted from top rated and lvl 2 sellers but they added the usual “unlimited revisions” “5€” “100% money back guarantee if not satisfied”
Those guys are really lame, I have no idea what they expect at doing this…
So i reported them and they all got banned.

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