HUGE SPECIAL! I will write a verified, eBook review, Buy 1 get 2 FREE for $5!


***SPECIAL OFFER (ends Jan 10th)***


(You are still required to cover the cost of the book’s if not free)


Hello and welcome to my Gig, thank you for taking the time to visit. For only $5 I will write a UNIQUE, HONEST, and POSITIVE VERIFIED REVIEW for you!

I will:

Write a VERIFIED review of ~150 words.

Add it to my public wish list (if requested).

Thumbs up/down reviews.

Add requested ‘keywords’ to the review.

In addition I can:

Post your review to other sites. (+1 Gig)

Comment on previous reviews. (+1 Gig)

Post a 2nd review on the same book (from a ‘friend’) - (+1 Gig)

Extend the review to 300 words (+1 Gig)

Prices (if not free)

.99-3.99 = 1 Additional Gig

4.00-7.99 = 2 Additional Gig’s

7.99+ = Message me

Tips because I am awesome are always welcome, just add a gig and let me know! :slight_smile:

Each review is saved in case you ever need them again (FREE to re-post). I am a firm believe that each book has something to offer, anyone who takes time to write and post their work deserves the respect and dedication of a positive review.

Thank you again for coming by, I look forward to your business!!!


Saturday will be the last day for the sale!!!


All caught up on reviews, looking for more to read! Only a few days left for this offer!


Got a few sold and completed! Hurry now while the deal last.


If you only have 1 or 2 books to review currently, I will mark you as having a credit for a 3rd when it is available or I can post two reviews on one book.