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Huge Spike in Gig Impressions?


Has anyone else experienced a recent spike in the number of impressions?

I’m not complaining, I got a lot more orders thanks to this, but I’m wondering what could have caused it since I haven’t modified my gig for a long time.

Thanks for any insights on this.

Take care!


I have this happen sometimes too. I long ago stopped trying to figure out what may have triggered this. It would be great if I knew why it happens.

Your gig might have moved to a better spot in the listings.


A lot of times things get switched around in the search, if your Gig is doing well it can go higher in the search over time, maybe you recently jumped to a higher page or position, that can sometimes cause spikes like these.


Yeah, I was within the top 3 or 5 results for my keywords those days.


It’s impossible to figure out why it happens since so much has to do with what your competition is doing.


Yeah, I’m in 12th place now and some random new gig with 3 reviews is on top position.

I think it may be due to Fiverr’s algorithm trying to bring life to random sellers every now and then. Like “featuring” 10 random sellers per week.


My gigs are down on the page now with newer sellers on top.