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Huge tip for new Sellers

When I first started on Fiverr, I thought I could conquer the world and do anything! I thought I could do everything from Justin Bieber videos (the dark times for sure) to Arnold Schwarzeneggar videos. What I learned was that I was ok at some things but really excelled in others. I really was pretty good at doing voices but HATED editing videos. So I decided to change entirely what I was doing and just go to voice overs and voice acting. From there, things really started to shine. I’ve had the best impact on it and really love what I do. My clients appear to see that as well. All that being said, you don’t have to be a jack of all trades. Just find the things you love and really have a passion for, then narrow down to the things within that that you really excel in and really focus on that. Once you get traction from there, go on and expand! Don’t get stuck in a rut but go try and expand from there. But if you try doing to many things at once, you may stretch yourself out to thin and get burnt out. Be sure to find the balance between focusing on what you love and are good at and trying new things!


you are absolutely right

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oh even i want to get some tips

More tips here:


Great tip. I love what I do. A professional resume writer.

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That’s true… Nice post

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