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Huge views and clicks got in one day


huge clicks and views got in oneday
i created those clicks yesterday only


Good Mate
Like Me :joy:
Two Days


have you get any orders?
wgat is your catagory


even now no
Design & data entry


Welcome to fiverr!

Happy for you all about the views and clicks. By the way, Don’t worry it takes time to get the 1st order. Mine was about 1 Month but one of my friends received within 4 days. So you see, it varies. So don’t give up, be patient.

Till you get your first order you can go around and see some of the Top rated & 2nd Level sellers gigs. See how they offer their services. So you can get some ideas in which areas you can improve your gig. Also you can submit Buyer requests. Keep your Gigs online at least 5 hours a day. Try to improve your account day by day. Hope that helps!


Very helpful tips. Angelwish :ok_hand:t3:


No worries lacreativeone :+1: