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Huh? Seriously? (20 chars)


There is this guy…he sends a message to my inbox with the filthiest abuse in Hindi possible, about the things he would do to my imaginary wife. I just report him and block him. Now, I just checked to see if he has been banned or not, here’s what I find…he copies the exact profile description from a level 2 seller and the exact gig description from a top rated seller and calls himself an experienced writer with 9 years experience. Seriously - we don’t need such people on Fiverr.


WOW, I loggin just right on time, you have a new post :slight_smile:

Yeah, those kind of people is what makes Fiverr looks bad.

NB: Did you report him to CS? I would report him to CS.


Yeah, Fiverr needs to clean up the stable…

…I reported him for the filthy abuse, what more can I do?


There is nothing you can do but report such behaviour to CS. Some people are just disgustingly so sick you know.

NB: I got a feeling that sicko must have been monitoring your posts in the forum. You are a very nice person, but sickos don´t recognise nice people. That sicko wants to make you annoyed.


With a solid screenshot (proof, proof proof.)

Will Fiverr ban him?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes


I don’t have the time for all that. I reported him, my duty is done.


This is why I think that sicko has been monitoring your posts in the forum, coz he/she can know that you don´t have a wife from your posts, and that sicko probably wanted to bully you. Sickos bully people for their entertainment.


Yeah fiverr need to ban these people. I also receiving messages sometimes and I instantly block them out. This is becoming serious problem now :angry:


I think @writer99025 doesn´t need to post the screen shot in this thread, after all it must be innapropriate anyway to post. But if what you meant @writer99025 should send the screen shot to the CS as a solid proof, I agreed and probably he has done that. :slight_smile:


I don´t understand why anyone wants to annoy a person as nice as @writer99025 :rage: :angry: but like I said some people are so sick.


I hope you report them too to CS.


Yeah!! It will automatically report to CS when I click block. It is mandatory option :slight_smile:


Obviously I meant the latter. :slight_smile:


I had a pervert message me repeatedly last night complete with pornographic photos so I blocked him and today his account is gone so fiverr does ban people like this.

I hope you interpreted what he said for customer support and told them about his copied gig. You may have to write to them to explain what he said.


No, I didn’t do that…it was too horrible…this was the first time I have reported anyone, so don’t know how this works. [I reported the fellow yesterday for the abusive message, found out about the copied gig today.]


I faced a similar situation on another platform, a few years back. For me, I wasn’t going down easily. I reverse searched that guy’s Profile Picture and found his FB profile. Then came the final step. I posted the SCs of his conversations with me in every “Buying and Selling” group, he was a member of. He got kicked out from the most of them.


I don’t understand why people do stuff like that randomly.

Don’t they have anything better to do, like concentrating on their own gig?

World is full of strange people!

When I abuse you, it’s on the Forum for everyone to see and read! :grin::grin:

P.S.: Your trial is coming up!


LOL… Can’t wait :laughing:


Hi Crystal, is this common for the women on fiverr? Being male, it’s something that just doesn’t happen. Wondering if you have to put up with this often.