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Hundred of views on my gigs

Hi, i am getting hundred of views on my gigs but not getting orders :confused:

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Try to Buyer requests bro. It is easy to get orders.

i am trying that too

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Keep it up. Make a quality and unique gig to get orders. Don’t give up.

First: no it isn’t.

Second: That isn’t going to help him get more sales via the marketplace. There must be a reason so many people aren’t pursuing work with him. That reality doesn’t change just because you get some buyer request work.

Third: if he’s having trouble making gig sales, he’ll probably have trouble making buyer request sales. You don’t get buyer request sales unless you understand your market and how to pitch effectively to them and prove your skills.

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Hoping for the best.
Thankyou for your suggestions :slight_smile:
If you can suggest some improvments in the gigs that will be great too :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you getting hundreds of impressions or clicks?

impressions only not many clicks