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Hungry for my first gig!


Hello everyone, I’m new to the site and am ready to work! I’m curious to see how this plays out. I can do anything from basic website editing to setting up a server and template for your website needs. My price can be negotiated but I would love some work!

I know of webhosting services for under 5 dollars a month, and I can set up a server with in 20 minutes. I can also teach you how to set it up as well. Domain names are usually 14 a year for .com names, which i generally go through go daddy. They have sales all the time and have other website prefix extensions such as .org .info, and .club for less.

Information needed to get started:

  1. What do you want to say?
  2. What colors do you want your site?
  3. What images do you need on your site and how many
  4. How many pages do you want in your site

Please be aware I am a beginner, but I know enough of html and css to code by hand to edit basic websites and templates, and I can create my own templates as well. Creating a template will take longer then 7 days depending on how much you want changed or created.

Sense these will be my first jobs here, I request to keep them to 5 pages or less. I do not work with forms or databases at this time.


Good luck getting your first gig! :sparkling_heart: I hope it goes well for you!~


Thanks a bunch! Me too!