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Hureey! I got my First ORDER after 8 MONTH of Silence. You need to know how? 😍😍

Sleep is good. It also helps you stay focused and creative.

I make sure I have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. 8 Hours is even better.


How about if you’re driving 60 mph on a highway? Will you pullover the car to reply on the app? Will you break the law and text while driving?

How about if you’re in the middle of bathing your 6 month old child? Will you multitask and put your child at risk of getting soap in their eye?

How about if you’re cooking dinner for your family? Will you pick up your phone to reply and risk over cooking that delicious entree frying in the pan?

Just joking, I know people have different priorities in life.


Yes it is. People hire YOU and disclose their business to YOU.

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Just yesterday i opened my tow gig and i am gonna open one more today or tomorrow let’s see what happens…

Wish you all the best!!! Good Luck!!! Please try with sending offers to buyers requests…

Helloz, i am new here and i haven’t gotten any order yet :frowning: i wanted to ask about buyer request and should you wait for buyers to send you request in your Inbox or can you approach a buyer directly ?

Honestly I sleep around 7hrs a day :wink:

You can response your buyer requests everyday. You can only send 10 offers a day. You can’t contact any buyer if they didn’t wan’t to. But if you sent your offer with a proper description they will surely contact you.

Please tell how can we send our offers to buyers ? I mean I don’t ve any msgz on my fiver but I can’t wait months for buyers to msg me so how can I send in offers to buyers myself?

Today I don’t even have any active offer. But better be active/online so you will see few.

Congratulation :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Have you visited and read this page that Fiverr made for new sellers? :thinking:

It is full of information to help you be successful. It also has a video about halfway down the page on how to send Buyer Requests. :wink:

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i am reading daily these sort of strategies since i opened my fiverr account :smiley:
people love to share.
anyway Congratulations !
your patient level, really impressive.


@ tazzy_designs

really Good suggestion for beginner level

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :kissing_heart:

Yes i ve seen this video and whenever i open my fiver and buyer requests section i get the attached response…thanks anyways

congratulation @ tazzy_designs

Great! I will try it from today! BTW thanks!