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Hurrah ! Creating all types of posters

Hi Everyone, I have create new gig on movie poster service
Kindly suggest me improvements in this gig Click Here

Thanking you in advance

Regards !

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Hi. It would be a good idea to use something that you actually made as your preview image.

PS Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology is a great book with a beautiful cover. I have it at home.


Agree with @lenasemenkova - why would you include one image, that’s made up of published work, none of which you actually created? What’s the benefit to either you or the client? Your gig is at risk of being shut down, and a potential client has no idea what you’re capable of.

I’d rectify this pretty urgently by including only work that YOU have created yourself.

Mark your words mam i will definitely work on it

Yeah check again I have changed it now…
Actually I am new here so i was looking for suggestion from you people

Thanks anyways mam

Erm… All you’ve done is change it from 3 copyrighted book posters, to 2 copyrighted movie posters. That’s Gemini Man with Will Smith!!!

Do you not understand that you’re expected to showcase your own work in your portfolio? All you’re doing is copying work off of the internet!

There is zero chance that you designed either of those posters, they’re multi-million budget films with A-list actors, those posters come from firms and production companies, not guys selling at $5 a pop through Fiverr.

Make. Your. Own. Poster. That’s what people are saying here. Not “this poster image you stole isn’t the right one, go steal another poster image.”

Also, you misspelled “Guarantee”…doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. You have a lot of other typos and bad grammar in your listing as well, you should use an editor for your gig.

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I am actually out of station that is just for now, for a very short time
For sure i will change it in next hours

I don’t know what this means, I assume you mean away from your PC? Regardless, being away from your PC isn’t an excuse for trying to pass off copyrighted work as your own, ever!

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