Hurrah! New Reviewing Layout


After having so many clients not leave reviews, I noticed recently that I am getting a lot more.
Now I know why. When I was accepting an order today, this is the “review section” that popped up:

It looks a lot cleaner and easier than the previous multi-page system.
See? They do listen sometimes!


Sweet! It’s nice to see everything on numero UNO - one page. :ok_hand:t4:

Maybe, just maybe we’ll get to cross off another Fiverr wishlist item this week! :no_mouth:


I would love to see the private feedback the buyers leave on me. I suddenly noticed they are leaving more reviews again too.


Same, and same.


I added the thread as a pinned topic, so many users will notice this. A good feature, it may catch buyers attention & encourag to give a rating on the completed orders. :white_check_mark:


Uhh, nice! Thanks for sharing. Not sure if this is new also. But they are also sending out emails now informing buyers of the auto complete in 24 hrs.


They do listen, they just prefer not keeping in us in the loop about things and whether they are being worked on.

I’d like to think my thread helped staff see what we all thought of the previous review page. :wink:

I still get 1 review out of 7 gigs completedon average. So maybe it’s still rolling out?


I think so! :wink:

For anyone interested, this is the thread Frank is referencing.


I really hope it was yours which was posted in January and it only took 8 weeks to make the change -
not mine from the previous March (2017) meaning it took a year to change! :smiley:


Dang, I forgot about your post. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, our cries were heard loud and clear. :sunglasses:


Oh wow, it completely slipped my mind.

Let’s hope it only took them 8 weeks to respond because if they took a year… yikes!


Now if they would cut the time to review down to two weeks…


I say one week. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, I just don’t want to or feel like reviewing due to privacy reasons on certain gigs but still want to tip the seller for doing a fantastic job - can’t seem to do it with the setup. I’ll just have to order another gig to say “thank you” or advance tip them.


I am at the mercy of the buyer for an entire 30 days as long as they have that power to review over my head. I have some very distraught demanding buyers who use that to force me into long winded chat sessions that whole time. While I am always happy to answer questions, some buyers take advantage of me and I have no choice but to answer and respond to endless messages on a daily basis.

If the time was only a week that they could leave a review I wouldn’t be constantly feeling blackmailed for 30 days and at the mercy of some thoughtless buyers.

Some other buyers deliberately use that to force me to chat with them for that entire time. Yes, there are some who relish that control they have and use it to the max.


I understand Fiverr is giving the buyers AMPLE time to leave a review. However, I do agree that 30 days is a bit much. I don’t doubt that ‘some’ buyers and I use “some” loosely use that fact as leverage. Also, it seems like in your category you get a lot of needy buyers that need coddling every step of the way.


I get not only needy buyers but narcisist buyers, control freak buyers, borderline personality buyers, delusional buyers, etc. and they often relish that hold they have over me for 30 days. There are also the possessed ones. They are the worst.


Yikes! That’s scary stuff! :grimacing:

I really applaud you for having the patience & strength to deal with it. I bet it’s very draining tho dealing with those personalities on a daily basis.


Yes, It’s another reason I increased my prices.


I got 5 reviews in the last 16 hours! This is a new record. :tada:


In the past I had several cases of buyers who came after over 20 days and left a completely irrelevant or bad review that had nothing to do with my gig - most of them were confusions and gig mix-ups :roll_eyes: 30 days is a long time, and enough time for them to forget what they ordered/received or whom they ordered from and what.