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Hurray! I have completed 11 jobs successfully

I have had 5 5Stars Reviews back to back and I have completed 11 jobs successfully.
I wish every seller on fiverr GOODLUCK!!


Congratulations! and All the best for future jobs. I am new here and trying to get 1st job. Can you give some tips or share you experience how you got 11 jobs? what things i need to do in order to get jobs?.

Congrats. I’m Also new & completed 5 orders. But not getting order last 12 days

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Congratulations! Keep rocking.

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great work, keep it up :smiley::smiley:

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Congrats @marketlord… keep moving :love_you_gesture:

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Welcome to fiverr, I hope you enjoy your stay.
Here are few tips for you friend-

  1. Make your gigs standard
  2. Send Buyer’s Request
  3. Stay online…

Hi there @varunchaurasia, I suggest for you to start a new thread so that we can welcome you!!! :smiley:

Hi there @marketlord. Wow, that’s awesome, Congratulations. Keep it UP!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: