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Hurray! I've recently scored My first 50 for 5 stars Rating Here on Fiverr

I joined fiverr 1 month ago and since then I’ve created 73 oreders, today I recieved My 50th Rating with (5 Star)

Very Happy!


M.Amir (Head of Adobe_Designers Team)

Congratulations! This is what Fiverr is all about, providing a unique, quality gig and doing a good job! Keep going, you will be Level 2 soon!

Well done! You’re on the road to success. Keep providing great service and excellent communication and you’ll go all the way.

I’m jealous! Ha-ha. B-) Good job! Keep going and you will be best of the best!

Congratualtion! You are a champion. :slight_smile:

Reply to @webtelly: Thanks a Lot For Appreciation :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for appreciation

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thank you

Reply to @volodymyrpro7:

Just think about it!

If i can achieve it,So why you can’t…?

You can be & you will be one day…best of LUCK!



Reply to @webtelly:

webtelly said: This is what Fiverr is all about, providing a unique, quality gig and doing a good job!
Do you mean the part where they’ve stolen the Adobe icon for their own logo or the part where they have three of the same gig for sale? :wink:

Reply to @adobe_designers: Thank you! :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: They may very well be Adobe authorized partners, at which point they are allowed to share Adobe marketing materials. Also, being new, they may not understand gig extras, so they are using different but similar gigs to work the extras in. Give 'em a break, Thing. Go feed Spot.

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This is Adil (Junior Designer in Adobe_designers Team)

Thanks for deep research on Our Profile!

Well for your Information ( Head of Adobe_designers ) (M.AMIR) is Adobe Certified Designer, for the last 3 years that’s why he can use materials of Adobe as a Partner, So I think He will definitely Answer Your Question Soon…

Why We are offering same 3 gigs for just logo designing,because our Buyer love it!

As you can see Most of our Buyers have purchased gig from all of them,& now we’re about to Expand them very soon, just for Logo Designing…

Thanks & Waiting For Your Reply…?

Reply to @itsyourthing: Lol, well said

Reply to @webtelly: Call me Thing again and I may start pointing out your lack of originality too. :wink:

Reply to @adobe_designers: Thanks for the response. My comment wasn’t meant to be insulting, just an observation that @webtelly had specifically congratulated you for things that aren’t true:

webtelly said: unique

Sarcastic yes, insulting, no.

A seller isn't allowed to offer the same gig repeatedly, it's essentially considered spamming the system. You may want to tweak your logo gigs a bit more, so none of them get suspended.

I'm sure will have continued success here.

Reply to @candyrose11: Thanks.

Congratulations, that is wonderful news!

Congrats, here’s to 50 more! :slight_smile: